Monday, September 14, 2009

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

I don't have a minute to compose my thoughts but I cannot let the death of Norman Borlaug go unmentioned here. The present political climate demonstrates to me how desperate our society is for modern heroes: men of peace, honor and action. Borlaug was one such man. His intelligence and passion changed the world. Literally. Here's a well-done obituary by Justin Gillis. Tell your kids about him.


draeves said...

Jocelin--I hope that some day I'm as well-informed, insightful, and generally "with it" as you are! Thanks for sharing this.

katyvee said...

Had never heard of him (suprise.. I know..) but so glad you brought him to my attention. I love that YOU had heard of him, and shared. My husband is such a lover of the earth and all it can produce for us.. that he'll dig it too.
Thank ya.